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On Society

Blaschke, Sabine (2003) Austrian Trade Unions: Towards Mainstreaming Gender? Download Text

Flecker, Jörg ( 2003) Perceptions of Changes in Working Life and the Impact on political Orientations Download Text

Haller, Max (2004) Towards a Modern Society of Responsible Citizens Download Text

Kellermann, Paul (2002) Self-reported Competencies of Graduates and 'Employability' as an Ideological Purpose for Higher Education in Europe. Download Text

Kuzmics, Helmut (2002) The Formation of "National Characters". State-Development and Authority in Austria and Britain Download Text

Lassnig, Lorenz (2002) Projections of Qualifications and Occupations in Austria: Short-term Approaches, Macro Perspective and Emphasis on the Supply Side. Download Text

Leitner, Andrea (2001) Gender Mainstreaming in the European Employment Strategy - The Case of Austria. Download Text

Traxler, Franz (1998) Austria - Still the Country of Corporatism Download Text

National Style

Girtler, Roland
Ethnographies of Austrian Social Groups - High and Low, Selected Texts

Fleck, Christian (1994) Contemporary Sociology in Austria Download Text

Fleck, Christian and Helga Nowotny (1993). A Marginal Discipline in the Making: Austrian Sociology in a European Context Download Text

Nowotny,  Helga (1983) Marienthal and after: Local Historicity and the Road to Policy Relevance

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