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On Society

Inglis, Tom (1998) Moral Monopoly: The Rise and Fall of the Catholic Church in Modern Ireland Download Text

Tovey, H., Hannan, D and Abramson, H (1989)
Why Irish? Language and Identity in Ireland Today Download Text

National Style

Kane, E (1995) The Power of Paradigms: Social Science and Intellectual Contributions to Public Discourse in Ireland Download Text

O´Dowd, Liam (1991) The States of Ireland: Some Reflections on Research Download Text

Select Bibliography:
Irish Society, History and Culture
Section I1800-1950
Section II1950-2004

Daly, M.E. (1997) The Spirit of Earnest Inquiry: The Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland 1847-1997 Download Text

Daly, Rev. C.B. (1947) The Christus Rex Society Download Text

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